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Statement of Grant Purpose Essay

This 2-page, single space document outlines the Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How of what you are proposing for your Fulbright grant. If you are pursuing a research project, developing a strong, feasible and compelling project is the most important aspect of a successful Fulbright application. Design a feasible project: You must demonstrate that your research strategy is viable, including its content, methodology, and time frame.

Develop an intellectually compelling and feasible project: This is the most important factor in presenting a successful application. Program design varies from country to country and while some countries encourage applicants to incorporate coursework into a project, others prefer independent research. You should ensure that your Statement of Grant Purpose fits the program guidelines for the host country and award.

For applicants proposing independent research projects, address the following points:

  • With whom do you propose to work?
  • What do you propose to do?
  • What is innovative about the research? What will this research contribute to the field/discipline?
  • What are the specific research goals and methodologies?
  • What is important or significant about the project?
  • What contribution will the project make toward the Fulbright goal of promoting cultural exchange and mutual understanding?
  • When will you carry out the project? Include a feasible timeline.
  • Where do you propose to conduct your study or research? Why was this location(s) chosen?
  • Why do you want to undertake this project?
  • What are your qualifications for carrying out this project?
  • Why does the project have to be conducted in the country of application?
  • How will your project help further your academic or professional development?
  • How will you engage with the host country community? Give specific ideas for civic engagement.

Design a feasible project: You must demonstrate that your research strategy is viable, including its content, methodology, and time frame.

Address the following points:

  • How will the culture and politics of the host country impact the work?
  • Will the resources of the host country support the project?
  • Have you developed a connection with a potential adviser in the host country who has knowledge of the research topic and access to other appropriate contacts in the field?
  • Do you have the requisite academic/field-specific background to undertake the proposed research?
  • Do you have sufficient language skills for the project being proposed and to serve the basic purposes of the Fulbright Program? If not, how will you accomplish these goals? You should consider that, even if a country indicates that English will be sufficient for carrying out the proposed project, for purposes of Community Engagement, at least a basic level of language skill should be obtained prior to leaving the United States for the host country.
  • What are your plans for improving your language skills, if they are not adequate at the time of application?
  • Are there any possible sensitive topics or feasibility concerns that the project could provoke?
Last Updated: 12/29/22