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Foreign Language Forms

The Foreign Language Evaluation (FLE) functions as a reference letter on your language skills. The FLE, whenever possible, should be from a faculty member (who instructs that particular language). However, in a few cases, faculty at the University of Utah does not teach the language concerned. In these cases only, it is possible to submit a Foreign Language Report from a native speaker. Also, indicate how the reference was completed (e.g., an interview, general conversation, written materials). Such a reference should be completed in a professional manner.

The Language Self Evaluation is completed by the applicant and is a self-assessment on language abilities. This report can state intentions to strength proficiency before the grant and the means of doing so.

Foreign language forms are NOT necessary for countries where English is a national language or if a foreign language is not required by the country. If your project requires knowledge of another language, you must submit an evaluation and report in that language, whether or not the Country Summary indicates the language is required for application. If language forms are not required, but your language skills are strong, it is recommended you submit these forms regardless, as language proficiency can strengthen your application overall. If your project requires skill in more than one language, you may submit a separate language form for each language needed.

Last Updated: 12/29/22