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English Teaching Statement of Grant Purpose Essay

This one-page document should clearly describe what you will be able to bring to the classroom in the host country, as well as explain any ideas you have on how to reach students coming from a different pedagogical tradition.

Carefully read the specific summary for the country to which you are applying: This is necessary for you to understand the nature of the program and the specific requirements, since the design of the English Teaching Assistant Program (ETA) varies from country to country. Some countries may give specific instructions on what to include in your Statement of Grant Purpose. Address the following points:

  • What specific qualifications, training, or experience will you bring to the classroom and your role as an English Teaching Assistant?
  • What specific ideas do you have for engaging with students in your chosen host country and helping them learn English?
  • What attributes do you possess that will assist you in the challenge of living and working in a new cultural environment? How have you demonstrated these qualities in your academic and professional life? Use specific examples.
  • Do not make your Statement of Grant Purpose location-specific within the host country, unless specifically requested to do so in the country summary. ETAs will be placed by the Fulbright Commission or the U.S. embassy in the host country, so nothing addressed in the Statement of Grant Purpose should be location-specific since you will not know where you will be based and what resources may be available.
Last Updated: 12/29/22