Tips on Writing a Competitive Fulbright Proposal 

General writing tips and resources:

  • Time
    Give yourself plenty of time to write. You need to: 1) invent content, 2) write a draft, 3) let it sit for a while, 4) read the draft, 5) make some changes, 6) let it sit for a while, 7) make some more changes, 8) let someone else read your draft, 9) make some changes, 10) let it sit for a while, 11) read the draft, 12) make some changes, and then repeat from step 8 as many times as needed. This process takes time.
  • Read
    It might sound funny at first but one of the best ways to become a good (or even great) writer is to read great writing. Humans are natural imitators, so read the kind of writing you want to imitate. If you decide to read sample Personal Statements, make sure you read several. If you only read one or two, you will likely end up crushing, rather than cultivating, your creativity.
  • Other people!
    Have several different people read your writing with the express purpose of providing feedback. Make sure they are people you trust and are familiar with you, your work, and the application you are submitting.
  • The University of Utah Writing Center
    Take advantage of the Writing Center services. They have experienced writers on staff who will read your personal statement and provide feedback. You can learn more about Writing Center services at