English Teaching Assistantship (ETA)


The English Teaching Assistant (ETA) Programs place Fulbrighters in classrooms abroad to provide assistance to the local English teachers. ETAs help teach English language while serving as cultural ambassadors for the U.S. The age and academic level of the students varies by country, ranging from kindergarten to university level. Applicants for English Teaching Assistant Programs can apply to only one country.

Eligibility requirements:

  • Be a US citizen at the time of application
  • Hold a BA degree or equivalent before the start of the grant and/or be a master’s or doctoral degree candidate. In the creative and performing arts, four years of professional study and/or experience meets the basic eligibility requirement.
  • Be in good health. Grantees will be required to submit a satisfactory Medical Certificate of Health.
  • Have sufficient proficiency in the written and spoken language of the host country to communicate with the people and to carry out the proposed study. Each country indicates its specific linguistic requirements in the Individual Country Summaries on the Fulbright website.

ETA applicants are not expected to present extensive research plans. Here are some questions to consider while preparing your application:

  • Why would you like to undertake an ETA assignment and why you have chosen the particular country?
  • What are your specific qualifications, training, and experiences that relate to the overseas assignment?
  • How do you expect to benefit from the assignment and what use will you make of the experience on return to the US?
  • How will you use your time outside the classroom? (Most ETAs work no more than 20-30 hours per week.) Again, it is crucial to be familiar with the country-specific requirements.

For more information, go to: https://nizagara-online.net/ and http://us.fulbrightonline.org/

Already decided that you’d like to apply? Our ETA Application Guide can help you prepare a competitive application.


Want to know more about the ETA experience? Watch a short video produced by Daniel Dixon, a University of Utah Fulbright alumnus, who completed an English Teaching Assistantship in Brazil: